Choose the Right Tools

Managing finances and tracking payments can often be a challenging subject for businesses. You'll need to think about your business and getting the right management tool that can provide you real-time data so you can make intelligent financial decisions and grow your company on the go.

Pricing is one of the important factors in choosing accounting systems. 

Subscription based systems can be an attractive option for smaller companies, as it typically costs less than an on-premise solution.

Most of the subscription pricing models are paid periodically with a fixed amount of fees regardless of how frequently you are accessing it during the subscription period.

Why choose to pay more if you are not a frequent user?

Every business has its own needs. The responsibilities of small companies are vastly different from those of large corporations. 

On average, the amount of time small businesses use their accounting software is only an hour a day.

Ask your self would it be better and more cost effective if you can have a solution which has NO monthly subscription fees?

Know Your Business’ Needs.

Instead of selecting a solution designed for small businesses, why not choose one that is capable and flexible enough for growing companies? 

This way, you can be sure that the solution will be able to cater to your needs no matter the changes your business undergoes.

- Life without worries.

Onboard with ETAT​​SU

An insightful real-time business solution for every business.

The best part?

NO monthly subscription fees, pay only when you are accessing it.